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Transfer Bricksite Account / Deceased Account


Transfer Bricksite Account
Deceased Account

Transfer Bricksite Account

To transfer your Bricksite account to another user, simply sign in to the control panel and enter the new profile information in the account settings. Domains need to have their contact details updated separately in the domain settings for each domain.

Note that .dk domain transfers in some cases require identity verification. This must be done through DK Hostmaster.

Deceased Account

If you do have access to the deceased's Bricksite account, please feel free to sign in to change the user profile information and update subscriptions and domains as you see fit. If you do not have access, please read on.

There are cases, e.g. in the event of death, where the account holder, understandably, does not have the opportunity to contact us. Of course, we want to make it as easy and gentle as possible for you as a relative, but we are also obliged to comply with the law. We process potentially very personal data about our users, such as private emails. Therefore, we have established high security levels and a rigorous procedure to ensure that we do not hand over sensitive data to unauthorized persons. In these cases, the Executor/Administrator of Estate or an appointed representative must contact us with the relevant documentation.

Termination of Subscriptions & Domains

If the subscriptions and domains are to be expired then the Administrator of Estate must simply write an email to customer service and enclose a death certificate or other relevant documentation.

Account Access, Transfer Account Ownership, Close Bricksite Account

Subscriptions and domains are part of the deceased estate, and we must therefore ensure the correct transfer of data and payment obligations. In this case, we do not have the opportunity to accept other forms of documentation than those listed below. Note that a transfer of .dk domains must take place through DK Hostmaster with MitID.

The Administrator of Estate must contact us with exact instructions, enclosing a stamped or otherwise valid probate certificate (short certificate)
If someone else contacts us on your behalf, we require the above and a signed power of attorney from the Administrator of Estate.

Updated on: 08/11/2021

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