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How to Get Found on Google - Google Search Console

Remember to tell Google that your website exists, otherwise your customers will have a hard time finding it. All you have to do is register your website in Google Search Console and have patience. Please note that your website is not discoverable on Bricksite Basic (the free version). You must therefore have both a Premium subscription and a domain to be discovered by Google.

Begin by attaching your domain to the website.

Then Publish the website — even if it was already published.

Note that you may need to publish the website twice in a row for the website sitemap to be updated correctly due to technical challenges. We are working to resolve this issue.

Sign in to Google Search Console and create a user if you do not already have a Google Account.

Enter your domain without ‹www› in the gray box titled Domain.

You must enter the primary domain of the website; otherwise you will get errors later in the process. If the domain contains accented characters (such as æ ø å), then the domain must be IDN encoded, but even so we cannot guarantee that Google supports all accented characters.

Press Continue.

You will now see this window

Copy the long TXT code by pressing the Copy button.

Open Bricksites DNS Administration in a new tab (if you need assistance with this step, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Customer Service).

Press Change DNS next to the domain you are currently verifying.

Select TXT in the Type field.

Write an @ in Host, or leave it blank.

Insert your unique verification code (google-site-verification=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) into the field Content. The end result can be seen below.

Press Create Record.

Go back to the Google Search Console and press Verify. It could take 10–15 minutes before it successfully verifies.

You will receive this message if successful.

Press Go To Property.

Select Sitemaps in the menu to the left.

In the top box Add a new sitemap write your domain in the following format:

If you get the error "Couldn't fetch", then wait a minute and refresh the page. Does is still prompt prompt the error, then write:
Domains containing accented characters must be IDN encoded.
If the error persists, contact Customer Service.

Press Submit.

If you are a business owner: We recommend that you proceed to register your business in Google My Business. This tells Google that your website is active and that you care about being found on Google. Additionally, it gives you the option to add your company logo to the search results, manage opening hours, respond to customer reviews, and much more.

Although unnecessary, we do recommend that you repeat the proces for all secondary domains as separate domain properties in Google Search Console. Also remember for all secondary domains to go under Settings > Change of address and select the primary domain to tell Google that they are secondary domain names.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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