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Receive System Status Messages

Receive a notification if your website goes down

You may sign up for Google Analytics, where you set up this service to receive a notification if Google registers a sudden drop in website visitors.

Alternately, you may sign up for FreshPing for free and ping up to 50 domains per minute. We recommend to moderate the frequency to once an hour so your website is not put under unnecessary stress. FreshPing is useful, because the service is also able to check for other error messages, such as error 403, 404, 500, or check for SSL–issues.

System Status Updates from Bricksite.


Check our general system status and uptime statistics here.


You may also opt-in to receive notifications if our email service has issues. We offer these notification channels:

RSS / Atom Feed


You are only interested to opt into the category Hosted Email. Only select these settings:

Cluster A.

SIGN UP HERE with the button Subscribe to Updates.
You may opt out of these emails at any time by pressing the links at the bottom of each email/text message, or by managing your subscription via the above link.

Updated on: 05/10/2021

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