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Global Buttons

What are Global Buttons and how do they work?

In the Bricksite Builder you can edit global colors, as well as global buttons and global typographies

A global "feature" simply means, that if you change a given setting in the global settings menu, this change will take effect on ALL your pages.
For example, if you edit a global button from having white text, to black text, it will use black text everywhere on your website.

What can Global Buttons be used for?

Global Buttons control the appearance and design of your buttons.
You have both a "primary" button, which is typically the one you use as a CTA button, which has a solid background color.
You also have a "secondary" button which will often be transparent with a colored font, as well as a colored border. It looks more "sleek" and modern, which blends in well with most websites.

How to use Global Colors

Select "Buttons" in the column on the left

Select the Button you wish to edit

Note: We recommend that you have the section or element, on-screen as you are editing it.

Updated on: 03/06/2023

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