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How do I upgrade to Bricksite 3?

Bricksite 3 is deployed in stages

Unfortunately, it is not possible for existing customers to upgrade (yet). However, you can get a sneak peek of Bricksite 3 beta if you are a new customer or if you create a new user as an existing customer.

We plan to deploy Bricksite 3 across the entire customer base soon; but there are some things we need to have in place first.

We look forward to presenting a brand new way to edit your website. We have listened to our customers, and Bricksite 3 takes all the best from Bricksite Classic and Bricksite 2 and spice it up a bit with the latest technologies. This ensures that your work becomes as smooth as possible so that you may focus on what is most important: designing your website.

Bricksite 3 offers

Lightning fast and responsive website editor
Great new layouts
Brand new blog feature that makes writing posts fun
Change fonts and colors across the website with a few clicks
Easy editing with drag-n-drop of sections and elements
Instant publishing of websites
Take subpages offline
Built-in cookie block that complies with the latest personal data rules
Lazy-loading of content and images
And much, much more...

Bricksite 3 Splash Screen Example.

Updated on: 23/02/2022

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