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Welcome to Bricksite Builder 3!

Bricksite Builder 3 has launched! We are working on dazzling new content. Watch this space.

Bricksite is an all-in-one web platform, where you can build you own website in Bricksite Builder. Additionally, we offer email, domain management, web support, server storage and web hotel.

Bricksite Builder 3 is still in beta

Please note that Bricksite Builder 3 is still undergoing active development, and we're launching new features, content, improvements and bug fixes on an almost daily basis for the foreseeable future.

We appreciate your patience and understanding, and in this connection please send your feedback our way. You'll find a feedback widget in the shape of a smiling face at the bottom left when you edit your website in Bricksite Builder 3. Here you may rate the current user experience and send suggestions for improvement to our developers.

Our developers read all incoming feedback, although we reserve the right to prioritize among the many suggestions we receive.

Send your feedback through the feedback widget at the bottom left in Bricksite Builder 3.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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